Pricing updates 2/29/12

we will start off with the kitchen stuff as between that and straight razors that’s the bulk of my work.

parers many shapes but all under 3 inch of blade will start at $130.

pettys/ utility blades  we will call between 3 and 6 inch of blade length tall or short options for blade height $180-$250 depending on length and height of blade.

8 inch chefs will go from $650

10 inch chefs $750

12 inch slicers $750 due to the tricky nature of keeping long thin blades straight

1 AKDY 30″ Wall Mount Range Hood, for orders visit — akdy range hood review

cleaver 4×8 inch ish  $1200  the way i make them is jsut liek grinding 2 knives so that is how i came up with the cost

other cleavers (meat or other choppers are less but price to spec)

Wa handle options are available to include SS spacers and front, gane, even silver are choices

hand sanded blades are priced out per sq inch more less.

my neckers are $200 for most any blade shape or handle option

folders when i make them now and then (not taking orders for any ) will be from $500

all straight razors can be ordered from with just about any option you might dream of (lets have fun tring new stuff)