Got my new wood lathe tooling so look for shave bowls and kitchen wood turnings


starting to get a few O1 carbon steel knives made

here are the first 2

trade update

Some know that now and then i ll trade in part or in full for stuff im looking for. Since im now open water cert. diver i will also be looking for some dive gear
good dive lights (LED only)
dive computer
maybe underwater photo gear depending brand and use

still looking for sonyAmount lens
UWA lens in the 10mm-16 range
100 macro
300f4 or 400f4.5

i like firearms and ammo but since im not really loooking for any thing for sure, drop me a line and see if im interested.

Time off

Shop will be shut down for a week.  I will still get email but that’s about it, I will try to enjoy some time off as well, I’ll probably be taking a trip on my unu scooter around the country.

latest single bevel

i have been getting into more of the single bevels caus ei like the chalange of grinding the backs of them. this one is a custom ordered deba. <a style=”text-decoration: none” href=””><font color=”#555555″>best kitchen knives</font></a>

bad time to have website problems

not sure what is up  but im working on getting my pictures back online..  if stopping in since seeing the blade magazine blurb im sorry for the lack of media.  what i can tell you is i can make just about any knife style you might be interested in.
However, i let this running strollers reviews here for you to check! Thankfully I was able to get one of the best motor trade insurance offers for my car, I was starting to get worried but it’s all good now.